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Piranha Sewer Cleaning Hose

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A yellow polyolefi n tube, single high tensile synthetic fi ber braid reinforcement and
abrasion resistant orange polyether-urethane cover.

2,500 PSI
Series - SPOR
3,000 PSI
Series - LLBU, HPBU
2,500 PSI
Series - SLSPOR


• High Pressure Sewer Cleaning - Applications for commercial, industrial and residential.
• Tight Pipe Bends - Slick, Slither™ cover aff ords an easier handling hose to get the job done.
• Jetting/Lateral Line - Used for jetting equipment.

• Hose Temperature Range - For the diameters of
1/2”, 3/4”, 1” and 1 1/4” is -40˚F (-40˚C) to +150˚F (+66˚C).
• Hose Temperature Range - For the diameters of
1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4” and 3/8” is -40˚F (-40˚F) to +160˚F (+71˚C).

• Inner Tube - Yellow Polyolefi n. (Sewer Cleaning Hoses, 2,500 & 3,000 PSI) Yellow seamless thermoplastic.
(Jetting/Lateral Line Hoses, 4,000 & 5,000 PSI)
• Reinforcement - High tensile one or two synthetic fi ber braids.
• Cover - Abrasion resistant polyether-urethane. (Standard)
• Slither™ - Polyether-urethane low coeffi cient of friction. (Optional)

Features & Advantages:
• Materials - Constructed to provide rugged and reliable service under the most severe and demanding conditions.
• Yellow Color Tube - Assures the user that they are using a WASTEC designated Piranha Hose Product.
• Polyolefi n or Seamless Thermoplastic Tube - Provides maximum resistance to hydrolysis.
• High Tensile One or Two Synthetic Fiber Braids - Contributes to low volumetric expansion and eliminates loss of strength from moisture absorption.

• Abrasion Resistant Polyether-Urethane - Polyurethane cover provides exceptional cut, abrasion and fungus resistance.
• Slither™ Cover - Cover is ultra slippery; allows hose to maneuver around and through diffi cult sewer bends.
• Pressure Testing - All Piranha factory-assembled hoses are 100% pressure tested.
• Reel Installation - Ideal for truck and trailer mounts.

Industry Standards:
• Orange Cover = 2,500 PSI
• Blue Cover = 3,000 PSI
• Green Cover = 4,000 PSI
• Black Cover = 4,000 PSI (High Burst)
• Red Cover = 5,000 PSI

• Stock Lengths - 400, 500, and 600 foot rolls.
• Custom Lengths - Available and made to order.
• Jetting/Lateral Lines - Available for bulk
and/or assemblies.

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