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Ideal Tridon Hose Clamps

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Stainless steel Malerial Facts and Properties:

• The 300 grades of stainless steel are known as "non-magnetic."
• The 400 grades of stainless steel and plated steel are known as magnetic."
• The 200 and 300 grades of stainless steel resist
corrosion better than 400 grades of stainless steel and better than plated steel.
• Only 300 grades should be considered for marine applications.
• Applications that require IAPMO listed products can include 201 and 300 grade stainless steels.
• Our clamps are compliant with the RoHS directive. All of our clamps are free of Hexavalent or Chromium 6 agents and are known as "hex-free."

IDEAL Turn-Key Clamps
Innovative design installs with a simple hand twist, no tools required. It's easy to remove and replace. Pull off the screw cap for a tamper resistant connection.

Common Applications by Size
Automotive Hose Clamps: Heater = SAE sizes No. 12 or 20
Radiator = SAE: sizes No. 28 or 36
Garden Hose Clamps: SAE size No. 12
RV. Sewer Hose Clamps: SAE size No. 48
Dryer Vent Hose Clamps: SAE size No. 64

Material Specifications

Injection molded thermoplastic Screw cap, removable and reusable.
Screw: Plated carbon steel.
Band: 1/2'" band width, stainless steel.
Housing: Stainless steel


Flex-Gear" Constant Tension Clamps
Using a Belleville spring design to eliminate "cold flow" leakage, Flex-Gear clamps adjust with the hose and fitting to maintain constant tension on the connection, eliminating leak paths. Excellent choice for fluctuating temperature applications and thermal compensation.

Features and Benefits:
Belleville spring and clamp construction is built to respond to constant temperature fluctuations. The larger, heavier-gauge, precision-formed springs provide higher rates of band tension and adjustment for a more dependable seal. Inner liner protects against shearing of the hose surfaces. Provides a uniform 360 degree seal. Reusable.

We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of heavy-duty clamping products in the business. Our heavy-duty products include T-Bolts, Spring Loaded T-Bolts, V-Inserts, Heavy-Duty and Constant Tension worm drive clamps. We cover the world of heavyduty truck, off-road and industrial applications. Ask us about custom engineering a product to meet your special sealing requirements.

Heavy-duty T-Bolt clamps provide uniform sealing pressure for a positive, reliable seal. Designed for use in high vibration and large diameter applications common in heavy trucks, industrial machinery, off-road equipment, agricultural irrigation and machinery. Features a 3/4" wide stainless steel band with welded construction for reliability. Styles are available in Part Stainless or All Stainless steel.


Hy-Gear 9/16" Worm Drive Clamps
Full-size industry-standard worm drive 9/16" band clamps have a wide range of applications, from simple home and auto repair to heavy industrial uses. The bands have clean punched rectangular perforations that hold strong and connect easily.

Ideal- 50 Series I Tridon8 150 Series
Stainless Steel and Plated Parts.
Screw: 5/16" hex-head, plated carbon steel.
Band: 9/16" band width, 201/301 stainless steel.
Housing: 201/301 stainless steel.

Ideal- 68 Series
All Stainless Steel Parts, specially suited for industrial applications.
Screw: 5/16" hex slotted. 410 stainless steel.
Band: 9/16" band width. 201/301 stainless steel.
Housing: 201/301 stainless steel.

Ideal 64 Series
All Stainless Steel Parts, specially suited for industrial applications.
Screw: 3/8"' hex slotted. 410 stainless steel.
Band: 9/16" band width. 201/301 stainless steel.
Housing: 201/301 stainless steel.

Ideal 63 Series Tridon8 225 Series
All Hi-Nickel Alloy Stainless Steel Parts for better corrosion resistance.
Screw: 5/16" hex slotted. 305 stainless steel.
Band: 0/16" band width. 201/301 stainless steel.
Housing: 201/301 stainless steel, with UPC shield.

Ideal 63-4 Series
All 300 Series Marine Stainless Steel Parts for better corrosion resistance.
Screw: 5/16" hex slotted. 305 stainless steel.
Band: 9/16" band width. 301 stainless steel.
Housing: 300 stainless steel, with UPC shield.

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