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Nearly every conceivable industrial drive application where precise shaft synchronization is required. Super Torque Pd belts can also be used as an alternative to problem V-belt and chain drives.

• Milling Machines
• Conveyors
• Engine Accessory Drives
• Debarkers
• Internal Combustion Engines
• Lathes
• Timers or Controllers
• Shapers
• Compressors
• Textile Machinery
• Wood Chippers
• Mixers


• Unique tooth profile for quiet tooth engagement.
• Improved horsepower capacity over standard HTD profiles.
• High-grade Wingprene compound.
• Fiberglass tension cords for excellent resistance to shrinkage/elongation.
• Oil, heat, ozone, and abrasion resistant.
• Mating sprockets required.
• Low-maintenance/high-efficiency rating.

Part No: 100S4.5M175
100 10 mm Width
S Super Torque Positive Drive Belt
4.5M 4.5 mm Pitch – Modified Round Tooth Profile
175 175 mm Pitch Length


The Goodyear Super Torque Pd belt tooth carries some significant advantages over competitive synchronous belts. You can run your finger along the bottom of the tooth and feel the flat surface. When the belt engages the uniquely designed pulley profile, forces are distributed throughout the entire belt tooth to disperse critical stresses over more area, resulting in reduced tooth shear and longer life.

The pulley for the Goodyear Super Torque Pd belt has an arch in the bottom of the grooves that projects up to support the belt tooth. This support from the pulley is the key dynamic feature to increased belt capabilities. Together, the pulley and tooth of the Super Torque Pd belt extend the possibilities at both ends of the design spectrum.


The original Goodyear-designed Super Torque Pd belts are
designed for high-capacity performance. They are also made of the highest quality materials.

The tensile members are made from high strength, stable
fiberglass. They have excellent flex life and are resistant to
elongation. The backing is made of a highly heat-resistant,
shear-resistant Wingprene™ compound. And the nylon facing
is fabricated to provide low friction interface between belt and sprocket.

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