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Band-it Band and Buckles

Band-it Band and Buckles

Band and Buckle Systems

• High strength fastening and clamping.
• Wide variety of materials, widths and thicknesses.
• Can be formed to virtually any diameter and shape.

Band Comparison Chart


ultra-Lok Systems
• Apply four times faster than band end buckle with hand tools!
• Form band lock under full tension, meaning less slippage.
• Correct assembly guided by matching arrow indicators on band and buckle.
• Offers good resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents.
• 201 1/4 hard SS band provides greater material strength allowing tighter clamps and can be double wrapped for additional strength.
• 3/4" band available in plastic tote with buckle storage area, 1/2' band available In cardboard boxes.
• Application Tools: UL4000 Ultra-Lok rechargeable portable tool and UL9010 Ultra-Lok 110-volt AC, corded electric tool.

• Ready to Use.
• Pre-cut and pre-assembled with a clip, buckle or seal.
• saves up to 30% time and labor costs for large projects.
• Reduce mal9f1a1 costs and scrap with pre-cut band lengths.
• Avallable In standard and custom sizes and materials.
• Now available wtth COLOR-IT™.
• Appllcatlon Tools: C00169, COO369, C07569, and C40099.

Color It

• Avallable In a variety of types and colors.
• Superior performance, UV resistance, and durability.
BAND-IT can match any color. Call for a quote.



• 201 SS, bright annealed finish sets the standard with a combination of high strength and quality appearance.
• Offers good resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents.
• EASY SCALE - Patented imprint on the band to quickly determine band length without waste.
• Durable plastic tote dispensers available. BAND-IT'" Tote
• Application Tools: COO169, C00369, C07S69, C08569, and C4OO99.

Giant Band
• The widest and thickest band provides maximum strength.
• Available In 201 SS bright or matte finish.
• Application Tools: c00369 for 3/4" band only and G40269.

VALU-STRAP, VALU-STRAP Plus.... and Valuband
• Economical band suitable for light duty applications.
• Thickness: O.015". 0.020", 0.025".
• May be 200 or 300 series SS, typically non-magnetic.
• Application Tools: COO169, C00369, C07S69, C08569, and C4OO99.

Galvanized carbon Steel Band
• Utilized mainly for low cost.
• Minimal corrosion resistance.
• Application Tools: c00169, C00369, C07569, C08569, and C4OO99.

304 Stainless Steel Band
• Economical band suitable for light duty applications in typical atmospheres.
• Application Tools: COO169, C00369, C07S69, C08569, and C4OO99.

316 Uncoated and Coated Stainless Steel Band
• Superior corrosion resistance in typical atmospheres and fresh water.
• Available with halogen free coating (PPA 571) for additional corrosion resistance and smoother edges.
• Application Tools for uncoated band: COO169, COO369, C07569, C08569, and C40099.
• Application Tools for coated band: C07569, C08569, and C40099.

317L stainless steel Band
• Superior corrosion resistance in Industrial and marine atmospheres, salt water, and mild chemicals.
• Application Tools: COO169, C00369, and C40069.

Monel 400 Band
• Superior corrosion resistance in marine, salt water, and harsh chemical environments.
• Application Tools: C00169, C00369, and C40069.

All Purpose Band
• Evenly spaced holes allow fastening with screw or nut and bolt.
• Uncoated or coated with halogen free coating (PPA S71).
• Easy to Install with common hand tools.

• Polypropylene band - Ideal for hundreds of light duty applications.
• UV resistant.
• can be tightened by hand or with easy-to-use Q-Band'" manual tool (Q72099).
• Reusable clamps.

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