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Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc. is excited to announce that our previous 49th Street Store location in Clearwater, has merged into our BRAND NEW CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS, less than a mile down the road. The same great products and services will be available, as well as MANY MORE at 11301 47th. Street North.

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Eric Von Kaenel
Vice President
Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc.

Founded in 1948, Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc., is a privately owned master distributor and fabricator of industrial rubber products with 6 locations in the State of Florida. They offer all types of industrial hose, both rubber and thermoplastic including air & water, chemical transfer, food handling, marine application, petroleum, dock hoses along with specialty hoses such as steam and sandblasting. The company provides fabrication, testing and certification of hose assemblies to NAHAD, RMA and U.S. Coast Guard specifications. Goodyear also offers hydraulic hose and couplings, adapters and hose building equipment from Parker Hannifin Corporation. The company represents Continental ContiTech, Dixon Valve & Coupling, Flexaust, Hose Master, Kuriyama, Kanaflex, Novaflex, Pacific Echo along with many other leading hose and fitting manufacturers. Additionally, the company offers a high quality private brand of hose and belting products under their registered trademark, GOOD FLEX®. These products are visible at

Goodyear Rubber offers Power Transmission Products from Continental ContiTech including v-belts, timing belts, synchronous belts along with sheaves and related hardware. Conveyor Belting, both lightweight and heavy duty rubber and thermoplastic styles with cleats, sidewalls, guides, buckets and can be vulcanized or laced with products from Flexco, Clipper or Minet Lacing.

Fluid Sealing Products include Gaskets and Gasket Materials, Sheet Rubber, Expansion Joints for pipe and ducting, mechanical packing for pumps and valves along with mechanical seals.

Floor matting and protective clothing are just a couple other product lines available from the Rubber experts at Goodyear RubberProducts, Inc.


Though we are proud of our 75+ YEARS as a leader in the Industrial Rubber Distribution Industry, be assured that we are not sitting on our laurels! As Benjamin Franklin stated, borrowing some from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “Change is the only constant in life. One's ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.” This is true of companies, as well as individuals.

There is a lot going on with our 75+ year-old corporation. One of the most exciting developments is our establishment of the GOOD FLEX™ brand!

GOOD FLEX™ is the new Industry Leader in the combination of highest quality and lowest cost Industrial Rubber Products available. While many of our competitors have attacked the lower cost end of the market by bringing in containers of overseas products, which frequently vary in quality and specification, Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc. decided to develop our own line, which we proudly named GOOD FLEX™. Our development of the GOOD FLEX™ product line was done with one purpose in mind; to insure that each and every GOOD FLEX™ offering was of the very highest quality and to the toughest specifications, while lowering the cost to the user. We confidently offer our GOOD FLEX™ line at, or near, the low cost, lower quality, offshore offerings being brought in from all over the globe.

EVERY GOOD FLEX™ HOSE is manufactured in the U.S.A. or Canada, insuring that each process is repeatable to the vigorous standards that Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc.'s GOOD FLEX™ stands for in our industry.

The line currently includes GOOD FLEX™ 300# Air & Water Hose, GOOD FLEX™ 150# Rubber Water Suction & Discharge Hose, GOOD FLEX™ 150# Petroleum Tank Truck Hose, GOOD FLEX™ 1233# Plaster, Grout & Concrete Hose, GOOD FLEX™ 150# Purple Reclaimed Water Hose, GOOD FLEX™ Heavy Duty Black Conveyor Belting and the newest addition to the GOOD FLEX™ line, GOOD FLEX™ 4000# Blue Pressure Washer Hose. Stay tuned! More to come!

Check it out at! We don't yet have those products integrated into our Hose Offerings site,, but we will, soon.

Speaking of, other than the GOOD FLEX™, currently, it is a great site to check out specifications and catalogs, as well as a great place to learn more about our testing capabilities, hydraulic hose offering, industrial hose offering and read some about our sanitary and beverage capabilities. One click to get there:!

If belting, conveyor or power transmission, is more along the lines of what you're looking for, you can check out! The site is full of heavy duty, lightweight and power transmission belting reference material, as well as lots of information concerning fastening, vulcanizing and necessary accessories. All in one place:

For our Parker Store customers, utilizing our smaller branches on the West Coast of Florida, you can find us at! You can get a map to the closest Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc. Parker Store and learn about our products and Hose Doctor Mobile Services, where available. There are also links to interesting, industry-related videos on, as there are on our main site,

Our site has been around for around two decades and is the number one source for information on our industry. That said,,, and all fill niches and we hope you will find them useful and informative. If you're looking for quality products brought to you by Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc., we have you covered!

No, we're not resting on our haunches. Just wait and see what tomorrow brings! The only constant is change!


Our mission is to be the value added leader in servicing our customers, while achieving solid financial performance. This is accomplished by:

  • Exceeding our valued customers' expectations.
  • Establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers, vendors and associates.
  • Always shooting straight in our communications with our customers, vendors, and associates.
  • Striving to be the easiest company to deal with in all respects.
  • Remaining cognizant of our responsibility to the environment.
  • Providing our associates with training, education, involvement, recognition, reward, security, and opportunities for advancement.
  • Servicing our customers with the highest quality, safest industrial products and the highest level of expertise in the industry while providing the best value in the products and services we offer.
  • Being on the cutting edge of new products, developments, and regulations for our industry.
  • Always operating with mutual respect and ethical dealings with our customers, vendors, employees, and our community.